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Our Story

Blunt Pretzels was founded in Asheville in 2010 by Laura Jensen and Eddy Schoeffmann. Born and raised in Munich (world capital of pretzels and beer!), Eddy created our signature pretzels based on his taste memory of his favorite childhood treats.

In 2017, Blunt Pretzels left the world of commissary kitchens and opened its first brick and mortar location in Marshall NC. Eddy's son Sam Derry joined the business in 2019, and soon thereafter we moved to our current location in old Downtown Swannanoa - just in time for the lockdown in March 2020. Since then, our company has continued to grow in new ways.

At our shop in Swannanoa, NC, our baking team cranks out thousands of pretzels by hand every week. Traditional German baking techniques combined with organic, locally sourced flour gives our pretzels their artisanal quality, unforgettable soft texture, and distinctive chew. Our team is dedicated to making undoubtedly beautiful Bavarian Blunt Pretzels.

In March of 2022, we celebrated the addition of The Blunt Pretzels Biergarten! With beer, pretzels, ping pong, an outdoor net, and a collection of games, our shop functions as a casual and flexible space. Open 11 to 9, Tuesday through Saturday, we welcome all visitors and invite you to book our space for your next event!

As a local business, we recognize the value of supporting our community and contributing to its regrowth and prosperity. As such, we take pride in our deeply-rooted participation in local events and festivals. Spreading our love for our Bavarian roots and local connections, Blunt Pretzels vends all over the Southeast with our handcrafted pretzel cart! 

At Blunt Pretzels, we prioritize a good environment, positive interactions, and value constructive learning experiences for our employees. Our team, ranging from ages 18 to 58, is a family, functioning with placidity and connecting through passion and pretzels. We are always looking for new ways to support our business and grow our team pragmatically with innovation and progress.

We love Blunt Pretzels!

Our Mission Statement

We strive to bring an authentic taste of Germany to Western North Carolina.
It is our mission to bring back simplicity and craftsmanship to making food and to promote
harmonious relationships with nature and the communities we live in. Our pretzels are
handmade in the German baking tradition from organic, locally sourced ingredients, without
the use of animal products. From Blunt Pretzels to you, we hope you enjoy!