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Join our Team!

Here at Blunt Pretzels, our staff is our first priority. We guarantee all of our employees a living wage, flexible hours and benefits.

A Great Place to Work

Work can and should be fun! We bump good music all day, genuinely enjoy each others company, and we've gotten pretty damn good at ping pong. To us, creating a fun positive work environment is just as important as the pretzels themselves.

All new employees start off at $15.50/hr, with a guaranteed increase to $17.70/hr after 3 months, sooner if you're particularly awesome.

We calculate our wages based on Just Economics Living Wage, and automatically increase wages annually to match.

Currently our benefits are more limited than we would like. We offer guaranteed PTO based on hours worked, and maternity leave. We are planning to offer our employees comprehensive health insurance over the next year or two, depending on how quickly we are able to grow.

Our staff is divided into two primary positions: bakers and vendors.

Bakers are responsible for our weekly production needs, while vendors take our carts out to breweries, festivals and events to sell directly to customers.

Interested in Working Here?

Send an email with your resume and a little bit about yourself to