Our Response to Recent Allegations

We want to let our clients, customers, and members of the WNC community know that we are aware Blunt Pretzels has recently been the target of a social media smear campaign, and to assure you that the allegations raised therein are false. There has not been any evidence provided to support them, nor has anyone stepped forward to corroborate them.

Unfortunately, despite the lack of evidence, anyone can utilize social media to spread spiteful disinformation and lob egregious accusations. A former employee called out to the internet and their 20,000+ Instagram followers to boycott Blunt Pretzels, leave 1-star-reviews on all platforms, and harass our employees over the phone. They also tagged our wholesale clients on these slanderous posts in an attempt to further damage our small business. 

We have worked hard at Blunt Pretzels to provide all employees with equitable, living wage work and to build a space that is welcoming and safe for both employees and customers, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religion. We invite you to visit Blunt Pretzels and see for yourself.