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About Us

Blunt Pretzels was born in a basement kitchen in Asheville, North Carolina, shortly after its owner and founder Erhard (Eddy) Schoeffmann moved here from New York City in 2010.

Eddy hails from Germany, the birthplace of pretzels. But during an extended visit in 2009, Eddy was no longer impressed, indeed, deeply dismayed by the declining quality of the German pretzel. He returned to the US determined to make a difference. Channeling his memories of the delicious pretzels of his childhood, he perfected the recipe for the authentic German Blunt Pretzel. The experiment worked and Blunt Pretzels became an Asheville staple dedicated to the ideals of simplicity, craftsmanship and community.

Eddy’s son Sam grew up with pretzel baking, and in 2019 joined the business as kitchen manager. Sam shares Eddy’s passion for Slow Food, loves to garden, and is a new media major at the University of North Carolina Asheville.

Blunt Pretzels can be found at local festivals, events, weddings, bars, and breweries. Our pretzels are available wholesale, and we ship to the Lower 48. Ask us about our pretzel carts for your next party or come say Grüß Gott in Swannanoa!

Bonus fun fact!

Pretzels can be traced back to the early middle ages, and appeared in print for the first time in 1111 C.E. as the Baker’s Guild of Germany’s official seal (which is still in use today!). We are proud to stand in a deeply rooted baking tradition that reaches back over a millennium.